The End of Earth…the Beginning of the Alien Blogger

As the Myan calendar counts down to the end of an era, and the people of earth worry about Armageddons and alien invasions, I am getting to finally post the articles that were supposed to go up almost four years ago. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that I am getting to do this now, or maybe the alien invasion of earth really has begun. After all, I am the Alien Blogger.

I want to “thank” all my spammer contributors for posting their comments while I trudged through the painful process of getting this site up. Some of you were extremely clever, and I couldn’t resist authorizing your posts. I hope the most clever of you got to make some money off this blog while it was inactive. Unfortunately, the free ride is over, and I am (finally!) able to make this into a legitimate blog. So, please return the favor, now, and don’t fill my in-box with spam-directed posts (even clever ones!). lol

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