About The Alien Blogger

I somehow ended up on Earth.

I didn’t know I was an alien, but it soon became apparent that I wasn’t quite “the same.” My parents said they couldn’t figure out where I came from, as they found it impossible to believe they could have created me. And, any time I’ve walked into my doctor’s office with an odd ailment, he swears I’m an alien…although there surely isn’t enough different about me to prove it. So, there ya go…the people who know me best can attest that I don’t conform to any Earthly group.

So, I’m stuck on Earth (not such a bad deal), and seeing as I’m used to looking at things without traditional human biases, I can try to help the world by offering an objective viewpoint about this planet. If you don’t like the idea of making your world a better place, then you’d probably prefer to land on another site.

I promise you fascinating discussions, valuable information, important data, and perspectives that you have never heard before.

IMPORTANT NOTE–the information I present is NOT based on my personal opinion or rumor. It can be a theory or hypothesis, but it is clearly identified as such, and even then, it is supported by observation and other evidence.

That is the key.

The information on 4LY is accurate and usable. And it is unique and fresh because it comes from direct (scientific) observation. For that reason, everything on here is factual. Sometimes, it’s true based on mounds of data or known empirical facts, and sometimes it may only be true for the small sample that I have been able to witness. However, be assured it is all factual and scientifically accurate on some level…hopefully on yours, as you can then benefit from it.

So, drift through the subjects here, and explore the worlds of Four Light Years.

A little insight…

I have a little sensor in my brain. It goes off when things are hypocritical or illogical. I don’t know where it comes from, and I can’t seem to turn it off. I’ve had it ever since I was a tiny child. My parents could never contradict themselves without it alerting, and I drove my teachers nuts with constant questions, as it kept going off–no matter what the subject. Maybe it’s normal in all alien brains, but I discovered it is only useful if you are interested in keeping facts straight. It is of no use when your parents want you to go to bed, or when your math teacher finally breaks the news that you CAN divide by zero.

Therefore, my little hypocrisy/logic sensor is mostly valuable for analyzing information. It works well for observational studies, collecting and processing data, and testing the laws of science. In fact, through logic and careful observation, new discoveries are possible.

Unbiased observations can also be useful in everyday living. In the human social environment, people tend to see things from their personal perspective. They don’t always see how something they consider straightforward could actually be a contradiction to someone else’s perspective. My sensor is most useful in identifying those inconsistencies for the purpose of revelation and discussion–with the hope that awareness would lead to empathy…would lead to compassion…and then resolutions.

But I’m just an alien observer. What you do with my observations and data is your decision.

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