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A Human Perspective…Or Not?

Those who are new to this blog, please read the ABOUT so you will know the context in which these articles are presented.

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Defining the 4th Dimension and Beyond

Actually, the real title of this was going to be “Defining the 4th Dimension and Beyond, Using Spacial Geometry.” While that sounds incredibly wimpy to the mathematicians out there, it would surely scare away most average readers. But, this was … Continue reading

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Earthquakes — The Pangaea Effect

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Every time there’s a big earthquake one place, there seems to be another big one shortly in a another place. And, this tends to happen most often on continents that border the Pacific Ocean. They … Continue reading

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Those Who Do Not Read the Future Are Doomed to Repeat It

“I don’t like science fiction.” “Why not?” “It’s not real.” This is one of the most common conversations I encounter when the subject of sci-fi comes up. I have a spec article about this, which i am submitting under this … Continue reading

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The End of Earth…the Beginning of the Alien Blogger

As the Myan calendar counts down to the end of an era, and the people of earth worry about Armageddons and alien invasions, I am getting to finally post the articles that were supposed to go up almost four years … Continue reading

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Did i say ‘May’? Uh…i must have meant June. You see, everything was going along fine until end of April…that’s when the hard drive crashed! There’s that saying, “the best laid plans of us mices…” I had backed up, in … Continue reading

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May or Bust – a Cosmological viewpoint

We are getting very close…wish i was more experienced with this stuff. Crossing my 8 fingers. lol

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